Another Time to Laugh: Charity

I'm back from a whirlwind trip to the USA where I had 3W presentations to make in Ohio and New York City.  Both of them went very well and the trip was so worth it.  I was on the move constantly, and greatly enjoyed catching up to some of the 3W boys (Kelley Philips, Daniel Kihm, and Zach Langford) in Columbus.  We had a lot of good laughs, and as always there's great chemistry and synergy.  My drive took me past the homes of some friends in Connecticut and New Jersey.  And because of the jet-lag, I didn't drive later than 6PM at night, so I made Pittsburgh my stopping place. As you two diary readers know, I absolutely love Pittsburgh.  This time I saw new areas I hadn't seen before, and fell in love with it even more.  I had one evening to myself just walking across the bridges of the city.  It was so relaxing.  So many parts of the United States are just so beautiful.  The Southwest, New England, Pacific Northwest, amazing California, and the hills of Pennsylvania.  And then there was the joy of driving through downtown Manhattan as I used to in the old days when we lived in Connecticut.  The city looked wonderful.

And then there was that fatty American food!!!  So delicious.  Congratulate me as I only drank water on the trip.  And tea.  Unsweetened except for once.  And I'm glad to see that a lot of the healthy stuff on the restaurant menus is actually getting really good.  I really like Applebees lemon shrimp and rice dish.  Oh are such a delicious, saucy, tart.

Now I'm back and jet-lagged (which seems to get worse with age), so before I get to writing on the diary again, here's one more laugh.  A video poking fun at Millenial charity works.  Enjoy.