They Will Know We are Christians By Our Love

This is a powerful video that I recommend you all watch.  It will lift your spirits and encourage you.  The title of this video should be: "They Will Know Christians by Our Love," because it is Christian love that transformed this Muslim man's heart.  But here is what we need to think about: 

 Why is it that Christian agape love melted the hatred that this Muslim had for Americans and Christians, but many American Christians are choosing to give in to prejudice, hatred, and a desire for revenge against Muslims around the world and in the USA?

In other words: How can Christian love transform the heart of a Muslim terrorist, but many American Christians are choosing to view Muslims with anger instead of compassion?  Aren't we the ones who are supposed to be intimate with Christian love and the power of Christ's forgiveness. 

There isn't just a lot of pro-USA Nationalism amongst many Christians today, but there is also a Spirit of Fear.  A fear or terrorists and Muslims that that squelches Christian compassion and forgiveness against Muslims.  And it is fueled almost entirely by Evangelical Christians that have never met a Muslim or had a Muslim friend.  

This video shows a different alternative.  And it should cause us a lot of soul searching.  Are we being driven by our most base self-protective impulses, or are we viewing things from a Kingdom perspective? Are we remembering the story of the Good Samaritan or are we only thinking about the desire for revenge and fear we felt on September 11, 2001?  What is the mature Christian response?  And are we up to it?  If a 14 year old Muslim girl in Pakistan can forgive the Taliban boy that shot her in the face, then why are so many Evangelical Christians that have never even encountered a Muslim in real life so filled with fear and anger?