Welcome to the New Three Worlds Website!

Greetings to our friends around the world! And Greetings to those of you attending the Global Gathering and just checking into Three Worlds for the first time.  
This week is the Church of God Global Gathering in Anderson, Indiana and the simultaneous "Global Fellowship" occurring in Europe and the Middle East.  Delegates from over 8o countries are descending on Anderson to celebrate together for 5 days.  
Meanwhile in our region (Europe/Middle East) the "Global Fellowship" is happening in cities throughout the region.  Churches from different countries are sending teams across borders to spend a weekend celebrating and worshipping God together while the larger event happens in the U.S.A.  At all of our sites (U.K., France, Italy, Bulgaria, etc.) we will be raising funds for the Persecuted Church and connecting with Church of God countries in other parts of the world.  
Consequently, we decided to unveil our new Three Worlds website this week.  This website has been active for 11 years.  It began in 2002 as www.chinatimesonline.com.  It stayed that way through the duration of our time serving as missionaries in China.  But in July 2010, we launched www.three-worlds.com.  This is our first major change from the original 3W site and we quite like the smoother look and the clarity.  
The "Diary" is our main feature.  It's a blog that has been running for 11 years with new entries on average every 3 to 5 days.  It has been a great way to record our thoughts, capture our experiences, and discuss in-depth various issues related to missionary work, Christianity in general, and Global politics and trends.  It is also a place where we post trip reports from our many trips around Europe, the Middle East, and the World.  What we can't talk about in depth at Facebook (Three Worlds) or Twitter (3WCHOG), we can delve into deeply at the Diary.  So be sure to bookmark the diary page and check in on us often.
We are very excited about the future!  Three Worlds has really taken off and we aim to continue being a place where we "Prepare the Church for Ministry in the 21st Century."  Thank you for joining us and get ready for an exciting and wild ride!