All Eyes on Egypt...and our Friends

We just finished a conversation with the Oldhams-- our 3W personnel in the Middle East.  They are in great spirits, they are there usual calm selves, and they are prepared for whatever may come.  So are we.  We stand by ready to assist them in any way necessary.  We are all monitoring the situation very closely and taking embassy warnings very seriously.  The safety of the Oldhams is our primary concern.  

For those of you not following the situation in Egypt, it has been a year since President Morsi took charge as Egypt's first elected leader after the fall of the Mubarak regime in January of 2012.  Over this past year, President Morsi, representing the formerly persecuted Muslim Brotherhood, has made a number of alienating decisions that have led to widespread calls for him to step down.  June 30th is the day when enormous numbers of Egyptians are expected to take to the streets (both pro-Morsi and against Morsi), as millions call for Morsi to vacate the office of the Presidency permanently, and for new elections to be held as soon as possible.

One of the most difficult parts of our line of work is never knowing how long our temporary "home" will be home.  For many of us, there's constant uncertainty--if not about the stability of our country, then of the stability of our rental agreement or current location.  Unexpected moves and certainly traumatic evacuations are never pleasant experiences.  Fortunately, we have a large group around 3W that are prepared to help the Oldhams with anything that may come.  

We are also concerned for all of our dear friends in Egypt and the wonderful churches we know there.  As I've said to people on various occasions; the two friendliest countries I have been to are:  Egypt and the Dominican Republic.   

Egyptians should not be lumped in with the other volatile cultures in the region.  Egyptians are funny, humble, and love life and peace.  It's an amazing country with an ancient civilization and we pray that the best days are ahead.  Thank you for your support!