3W Roundtable III: Arco, Italy

Each year, the 3W Roundtable gathers somewhere in Europe and the Middle East to hear my reports about the work Three Worlds is doing, to challenge me, and to provide an extra layer of accountability.  The meetings are intense, fun, and highly educational.  Every year great ideas are generated by the wise group of people on our 3W Roundtable.  All of it makes Three Worlds better.

The participants are:  Rod Stafford and Alan MacDonald (Fairfax Community Church--Washington D.C.), Nathan Tatman (County Line Church of God--Auburn, Indiana), Bob Moss--Salem Church of God--Clayton, Ohio), and George Lutzer (GracePoint Community Church--Edmonton, Canada).  This year we have also had Greg Wiens with us (Healthy Growing Churches).  

Not only do I review every key decision made by Three Worlds in all of our 18 countries, but we also talk about strategy, organization, personal issues, and even have Case Studies that try to look into the future to anticipate future problems or issues as Three Worlds grows.  It is the highlight of my year each year.

Our first one was held in Paris and London to introduce the 3W Roundtable to the two most important cities in Europe and to meet our churches there and see the challenges they face.  RT II was held in Cairo, to introduce the Roundtable to the Middle East and to Ken and Keli Oldham.  RT III this week was held in Arco, Italy to introduce the 3W Roundtable to our Italy Expansion Initiative that Three Worlds has kicked off this year.  And next year, the 3W Roundtable will be held in Phoenix, Arizona as we focus on Three Worlds' work in the USA and Canada.  It will be held in November 2014.

The 3W Roundtable challenged me hard this year, encouraged me constantly, and set the stage for even more health from Three Worlds.  I am very grateful to them and their churches for supporting the 3WRT.  Yes, it is a group of all men, but that is because these are men that have walked alongside me through some extremely difficult times over the past 13 years and there is a level of sharing there that is only appropriate to share with men (and my wife).  It's important for men in ministry to have other men to walk alongside of them and be a true and deep sounding-board.   

I am already looking forward to Roundtable IV in Phoenix.  And I have walked away with many great pieces of advice as we set up things for Three Worlds for 2014 and beyond! To the churches that have allowed the pastors to visit:  Please continue to support them on the Roundtable and allow them to join me each year.  Their strategy and words of advice is empowering Three Worlds to be a wonderful, healthy organization.  We need them.