Introducing 3W America: Seminars for the American Church


We are excited to announce "3W America."  These are 3W Seminars that are meant to be held in the North American church when we are on home-assignment.  It is another way for us at 3W to add-value and give back to the North American Church that supports our work.  The topics will be relevant to the North American church and will share what we have been learning as we face ministry in the complicated 21st Century global environment.  The more we can share and exchange ideas, the stronger all of our churches will be.  Our Three World's team is committed to serving the church in North America as well as the Church in Europe and the Middle East.  Below are our first dates:



1)  The Three Worlds of Christianity:  The Changing Face of Christianity in the 21st Century

Christianity is growing and changing at a dramatic speed.  This seminar discusses how global Christianity is present in three worlds 1) Traditional 2) Post-Christendom and 3) Non-Western and the challenges and opportunities that rapid Christian growth and rapid Christian decline bring, as well as how to engage the church in the future.  (90 Minutes)

2) Is Europe's Past, America's Future?  The Challenge of Secularism in America.

Christian belief seems to be in rapid decline in the United States.  Why has secularism grown so rapidly and how does American secularization compare with Europe's secularization over the past 400 years?  (90 minutes)

3) Developing an Effective Mission-Strategy for Your Church

How do you create a global missions reach for your local church?  This seminar covers how churches can learn to effectively engage with other countries and with missionaries.  It helps churches understand how to help without hurting, how to have proper expectations, accountability structures, how to maximize their churches skills, and most importantly, how to leave the countries stronger than before.  (2 hours)

4) The Challenge of Missionary Life:  What You Need to Know

This seminar helps the American church understand the life of missionaries, their challenges, the pressures they face, and how a church can better and more thoroughly support the missionaries they support.  Also useful for those considering being missionaries. (90 Minutes)

5) Is the Middle East Blowing Up?  Understanding Recent Events

The Middle East has entered into its most destabilized period in decades.  What is happening in the world of Islam and how frightened should we be?  This seminar examines the growth of Islamic Fundamentalism, the challenges various countries in the Middle East are facing, the effects of persecution on Christians, the conflict between the U.S. and other nations. (90 minutes)

6) What's Going on with 3W?  A Comprehensive Look at the 3W team in Europe/Middle East

A country-by-country and missionary-by-missionary look at the ministry being done by 3W team-members in 16 countries throughout Europe and the Middle East. (90 minutes)

7) Mosaic:  The Future of the Church of God

The Church of God (Anderson, IN) is at a critical cross-roads.  This seminar is based on the findings of a two-year global study of the Church of God presented in the book "Mosaic: A Journey Across the Church of God."  An overview of the global Church of God is presented as well as the top challenges facing the Church of God are discussed in detail.  The seminar also discusses how the Church of God is well-configured for the trends of the 21st Century. (2 hours)

Churches that host 3W America Events are invited to choose 2 for a Saturday presentation, or Friday night or a Sunday night.  Some can be in done mid-week.  3W America weekends can provide a lot of useful information for the local church, or the State or District.

Contact  Patrick Nachtigall for scheduling and details.