Patrick Nachtigall's New Book: "In God We Trust: A Challenge to American Evangelicals" is Coming Soon

Patrick has written a new book that deals with the americanization of Christianity the future of the United States, and how American Christianity looks when viewed through the prism of historical and global Christianity. It is an eye-opening look at the way American culture and myth has formed what we think of as "Evangelical Christianity." 


The book suggests that there are three gods that have always dominated American Christianity:  Religious Freedom, Radical Individualism, and Materialism.  A combination of historical amnesia and an obsession with apocalypticism has created a form of Christianity that is very americanized and exported all over the world.  "Caught between triumph and apocalypse" American Christianity veers from cultural arrogance to deep pessimism about the future of the country--a pattern that has existed for more than 400 years.  


The book also deals with the rise of non-Western Christianity and geo-political questions such as the rise of China, Russia's renewed threat, and the rise of Islamic terrorism as well as making predictions about America's political, economic, social, and religious future. Heavily documented and intentionally citing many Christian and evangelical scholars, the book makes a powerful case that the American church needs to re-examine itself at this point in history.  You will never look at American Christianity in the same light again, but you will walk away with a more Globally-minded, historically accurate view.  The book is released in November.  Order now