The Launch of Europe X

Europe X 2018.png

You have probably heard of the 3W Leadership Network (3WLN) which encourages, connects, and mobilizes Church of God people in ministry under the age of 45 in Europe and the Middle East.  We have seen great, positive effects for our region due to the creation of 3WLN and the regular 3WLN meetings (3WLN 3.0 will take place in Interlaken, Switzerland October 22-26, 2018). Now we are creating our first 3WLN sub-group/network:  Europe X.

Europe X will be connecting young 3WLN Pastors that are wanting to multiply their churches, and do ministry in the appropriate paradigm for Post-Christendom Europe.  Together, this group of pastors and their wives will share about the journeys their churches are taking, their hopes and dreams for ministry, and learn from each other and experts about organization, strategy, and Christian leadership.  It will also be yet another way of creating a supportive, inter-connected group of pastors and churches in the European Church of God as we focus on giving the young generation the support they need for long-term survival in ministry.

The new Europe X Network launches April 8th-10th in Budapest, Hungary.  Young Pastors from France, Italy, Russia, England, and Spain will be gathering at the Budakalász Church of God to begin this ministry journey together.  Europe offers some unique theological challenges and obstacles to multiplication.  And the youngest generation in ministry rarely has an adequate support system around them as they take the risk of going into ministry at a young age.  Europe X hopes to make a big difference and take our region to a new level of connection and growth.