ANNOUNCEMENT: Nathan and Stacy Tatman Join 3W Team!!!

We are thrilled to announce that Nathan and Stacy Tatman are joining the 3W Team and will become Associate Regional Coordinators for Europe and the Middle East. For the past decade Nathan Tatman has been serving as the Mission-Advancement Pastor at County Line Church of God in Auburn, Indiana. Nate holds a bachelor’s in business administration and a master’s in ministry leadership. Stacy Tatman is a Registered Nurse that works at Lakewood Christian School in Auburn. She has worked in a variety of settings, providing direct patient and family care, as well as facilitating socio-behavioral researchPrior to that they opened a Christian youth center and coffee shop. For the past 9 years, Nathan has worked closely with the 3W Team and the pastors and leaders in Europe-Middle East; having made over 20 trips to our region for ministry purposes.

As Associate Regional Coordinators, Nathan and Stacy will be working to partner with new and existing churches in the areas of church health and multiplication throughout the region. This will include extensive work with the newly created Europe X network as these churches seek to create a church-planting DNA particularly within the Post-Christendom context. They will be based out of Madrid, Spain.

Nathan and Stacy are the parents of five children: Dylan, Kayla, Aubry, Daleska and Emily. The two youngest, Daleska and Emily will be joining them in Madrid as they continue to attend school. Their daughter Aubry plans on attending St. Louis University in Madrid as well. Kayla will continue studying at Anderson University and their son Dylan will remain in the Ft. Wayne area with his fiance, Sara Johnson.

The Tatmans will begin their fundraising process and be commissioned at the Church of God Convention in Orlando this June. We hope to see them move into our region by Summer of 2020.