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3W Team Keeps Growing

SPECIAL 3W NEWS!!! The Three Worlds Team keeps growing! We are so thrilled to announce that Josh and Audrey Weiger (and baby Emma) are joining 3W to work regionally in Europe and the Middle East based out of Berlin, Germany.

The Weigers... will be continuing to develop the emerging 3W Europe/Middle East youth network and pay particular attention to lending strategic support to youth workers and youth groups in the region while creating a new level of inner-connectivity.

Audrey will be joining the Philips in Berlin as 3W seeks to expand its ministry to women and children caught in human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Their motto is: “Love God, Love People.” They are passionate about bridging generations, building up young leaders, equipping others to fulfill their God-given dreams, and using business as mission to provide for God’s people.

“We enthusiastically accept the call to join the Three Worlds team."

Audrey was born in Ohio and worked recently for Anderson University admissions for eight years. Her undergraduate work in communications (public relations), Christian ministries, and German, as well as her MBA, were done through Anderson University. She has studied in Austria and teaches at the Anderson University School of Business. She ran a nonprofit organization, Bound For Freedom, with friends from college, making and selling handmade journals. Proceeds went to organizations that supported women with HIV/AIDS and women emerging from sex trafficking.

Joshua was born in Maryland and moved to Alabama at the age of eight. He’s pastored students and families at Park Place Church of God for seven years and brings innovative ideas and superb interpersonal skills to youth ministry. He also has served as a 3W Seminar speaker in England and France. He completed his undergraduate studies in Christian ministries at Anderson University and interned in two youth ministries and with the International Youth Convention, helping to plan and coordinate IYC 2008.

Audrey and Joshua are the parents of the delightful Emma and are expecting their second child in the fall of 2014.

You can support them by giving to PROJECT # 42.10094 at Church of God Ministries. We hope to have them on the field by the fall of 2015. Pray for them as they begin the difficult fundraising process.

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