3WLN Registration 2020

Complete the form below to reserve your space at the upcoming conference. Required fields are marked with an asterisk*.
Conference costs are due in full by 15 December 2019. NORTH AMERICANS: Please may checks payable to Church of God Ministries and mail to Global Strategy, listing your church and Project #: 42.0801 in the memo line. 

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Legal Name
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Date of Birth.
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Date of Expiration
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Please list anyone you hope to room with you - can be more than one person. Rooms will be assigned on a first come first served basis. Not all rooms have a view and not all rooms have an ensuite toilet. Please understand we will try to accommodate requests whenever possible.
Please let us know your translation needs below.
Please list what language you would like the conference translated from English to. Please list any languages you would be willing to translate for others.
Visa (Only complete if required)
We are requesting that visa applications be submitted TO THE NECESSARY EMBASSY 3 months before travel. Mark all that apply for you. Please plan accordingly.
Please provide any additional information or specific visa requests below. We are requiring visas be applied for 3 months before our conference.
Financial Assistance (ONLY COMPLETE IF NEEDED)
You will be responsible for paying for conference costs (€300) and any travel and visa expenses. There is some limited financial assistance available for those who need it. Please consider fundraising and asking your local and national church for support first. A separate application will be emailed to those needing help. Please do not let money prevent you from attending this great conference. NOTE: Those needing financial assistance need to complete this registration form. The separate finance applications are due 15 AUGUST 2019 - this allows us adequate time to look for sponsors.