Three Worlds employs a team of committed Christians experienced in cross-cultural ministry to engage young people in cross cultural ministry, support empowered and accountable leaders and create inter-connectivity throughout Europe and the Middle East. 


We have extensive experience organizing local and regional camps, creating children's, youth and young adult ministries as well as establishing internships and providing immersion opportunities to engage young people


Ministry can be challenging especially in Europe and the Middle East. Our team focuses on providing support, resources and mentorship for accountable leaders. Our concentration is on leaders under 45 as very few young people choose ministry as a career. 


If you want tangible ways to encourage churches in Europe/Middle East, Three Worlds is constantly creating points of connection. Isolation has effected so many in our region and we hope to combat the discouragement together. 

Strategic Support at Varying Levels


Three Worlds offers a variety of services for churches. We provide strategic support and work with accountability structures to promote healthy growth and effective ways to navigate the complex nature of Christianity in the 21st Century. 


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Missionary Placement


Our team works in a variety of settings and ministries:  leading a post-Christendom faith community in Berlin, assisting women caught in sex-trafficking, working with youth in Northern England, training pastors and lay leaders in the Netherlands, Pastoring in the Middle East, and raising up the next Generation of leaders in Bulgaria, Lebanon, Italy and France and intentionally connecting these young leaders throughout the region.


Re-calibrating Together


3W assists churches and other organizations in Europe, the Middle East, and North America as they try to re-configure to be more effective in mission or to increase their effectiveness working with youth or dealing with the "three worlds" of Christianity being expressed today. We have assisted churches in Texas, Greece, Italy, U.K., Egypt, and many other locations.


Providing Expertise


We offer 3W Seminars where churches, organizations, or the church leadership of countries can request tailor-made seminars of their choice in the general areas of organization, ministry, mission, and business. We offer more than 15 different set topics and can meet specific requests. Seminars are lead by 3W team members as well as experts in various fields. 

To request a seminar or to learn more about topics available, please contact us. 


Special Conferences


Occasionally, Three Worlds will help organize special conferences that focus on a variety of subjects such as leadership, youth, women in missions, and Three Worlds issues.  To date, we have organized a 3W Care-a-Van, 3W/CWC Women's Conference, 3W Young Leaders Forum as well as participated in the European Theological Conference (German CHOG). 



Hands-On Learning


Currently we offer three internships:   XZ Berlin Summer Internship, XZ Berlin Winter Internship, and the 3W Internship.  3W has hosted interns from Spain, Hungary, Singapore, Russia, Germany, and the USA. Most recently, County Line Church of God in Indiana provided internship opportunities for leaders from both Italy and Bulgaria. 


Sharing Ideas


3W offers special presentations dealing with the changing nature of Christianity available to churches, districts, and other groups.  We are interested in sharing about the "three worlds" of Christianity and skills to navigate the differences.  We also desire to share effective ideas for ministry not only in Europe/Middle East, but also bring the information back to the church in North America.  



Urban Ministry


In partnership with Warner Pacific College, Anderson School of Theology (S.O.T.) and various churches, our team provides university intensives in Urban Ministry. Students will explore the process of urbanization and urbanism and their impact on interpersonal social life. A major focus is on the effects of post-Christendom on ministry in the 21st century. We are pleased to report that Anderson S.O.T. also offers credit for participation in this immersion trip.


Fighting Sex Trafficking

Pink Door is a faith-based not-for-profit organization that provides a long-term recovery program for women transitioning out of prostitution, sexual enslavement or sexual exploitation. We value personal empowerment, restoration, advocacy, and connections to significant support. 


Our needs

Rent of a space for our office/day school/counseling center: 1,000€/$1,150/month

Health: Funds  for the immediate health needs of women entering into our home: 200€/$225/woman

Education: Provides funding for language school and further education

Furnishings: Provides funding for comfortable furnishings for the Home and Office/Day School

Monthly Donors: Provides for the monthly expenses of our recovery program in our home and day school

bank account

Pink Door e.V.

IBAN DE30 5206 0410 0003 9001 26


Evangelische Bank

For U.S. donors

Church of God Ministries

Global Strategy

PO Box 2420

Anderson, IN  46018

Project # 42.30203 Pink Door Berlin

Regular Updates


Communication is essential for what we do. We keep people informed about our ministry and offer commentary on the latest global religious developments, trends and shifts through the 3W blog/diary, team Facebook and Twitter pages. Be sure to read the blog, friend us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.