Using Video in Church


Do you use visuals or video in your church?  

Have you every thought about the different learning styles of your people? 

What about bumping up the quality of the video you might be using? 

This article talks to the „why should we be using video“ question, while also giving links to other video resources and how to videos. 

Ministering in a Busy World


„I don‘t have time“ 

I‘ve heard this phrase so many times when inviting persons to ministry events or when trying to engage leaders in serving roles. It‘s true, the demand on everyone‘s time has increased and the amount of elective time has decreased. I think this article gives three practical ways to engage busy persons, specifically youth in this instance. 

How does this apply in your context? 

Journeying with our Leaders


Many churches find themselves with leadership gaps because they are not intentionally walking with and developing the leaders that they currently have. This article specifically talks about developing worship leaders into servant leaders, but it’s principles have value in many other leadership areas.   

In what ways do you walk with and develop new and current leaders? 


Planning as Vital to Fulfilling God’s Call


Trying to figure out our part in fulfilling God’s call for our lives and communities can be an overwhelming process. This article is helpful in giving steps, small and big, toward vital planning first steps.

Waht planning processes do you use in your communities?