What’s the “Win” in Our Churches?


Pews and chairs facing forward, the majority of the service built for preaching, message series, and most leaders focused on their speeches... in the traditional church setting the “win” seems to be the content being delivered. That’s not necessarily bad, but this article proposes a different focus or “win” that could produce more life...  (check out the link below)

So what’s your church’s “win”?   


Promoting and Sustaining Youth Ministry


“In I859, Scientific America called chess, ‘a mere amusement of a very inferior character, which robs the mind of valuable time.’” First of all... that’s hilarious. Secondly, it illustrates the point that culture changes and in 2018 it changes faster than ever. I think these 4 tips for promoting youth ministries are thought provoking and could help us reach a whole new group of young people.  

I especially like the idea of getting students to help with promoting our youth ministries. Usually they are much more in tune.  

How do you promote and sustain your youth ministry?  



The Necessity of Un-Learning


Sometimes to become the best leader you can be it is essential to unlearn. Often times we think growing as a leader simply means to learn and digest more and more. One of the hardest parts of the life of healthy growing leaders is to unlearn the habits and practices that have taken root in our ministries. I can’t help but think of the verses from John 15 that talks about how the Gardener prunes the vines to help them be more healthy. Perhaps Unlearning some things is a way for the Lord to prune us this season. 

This article speaks of 5 essential things we must unlearn in order to grow and be healthy leaders in a church setting in 2018. 


Developing Leaders


These principles on leadership development go hand in hand with developing leaders in the church. 

Even if your just skimming, be sure to check out the bold paragraph headings. Consider asking how these ideas could be beneficial to developing leaders in your community.