3WLN Podcast Episode 1

We wanted to try something new this year and I must say that the possibilities are quite exciting! We'd like to bring you a different kind of resource from the home grown variety. The idea is to have simple conversations recorded and brought to you in a podcast format. We hope these digestible segments give life updates about our participants and will help you think creatively about your own ministry contexts.  Below you will find our first podcast with Alina and Jenja from the Ukraine. Their life update is quite exciting and encouraging! Take a listen and also glean from their experience of how a church community can come around a newly married couple. 

Cultivating Artists in Our Churches and Communities

I sure hope the link to this handbook works.  You’ll have the opportunity to bite off as much as you want to chew as this handbook is quite extensive.  If nothing else, check out a photo of the first page of chapter 5 which talks about why cultivating artists in our churches is so important.  





Pastoral Care and Mental Health


Here are two resources that both have to do with the Church’s response to issues of mental health.  Do we as a church leaders have common practices on how or when to refer person’s with mental illness to health care professionals? Perhaps these articles will help you and your church prepare for the persons who are in and around your community who need someone to walk with them through issues of mental health. 



Planning a Business Meeting in the New Year?

If you have a business meeting planned in the next year, these five pieces of advice can multiply effectiveness and help everyone involved to feel valued. These pieces of advice can be helpful in any meeting you might hold, especially those which involve planning, evaluation, or strategy.   




Good Practices for Youth Ministries


While I’m not sure there is a clear metric on what makes student ministries “the best,”  I do think these suggestions can help bridge gaps and create moments of life change toward Jesus no matter which age groups you serve. I hope this article will encourage you as you continue ministry in 2018.  


Finding Rest to be Ready to Go!


In a season with “new” and “busy” popping up everywhere and calendars loaded with “extra” events, we must be intentional to be ready to go.  Here’s a short article with some good advice about finding rest and maximizing your time off.   



Building Community Outisde the Church Building


I hear many pastors and church leaders expressing difficulty finding balance between serving community inside vs outside the church.  If we’re ever going to reach people outside the church, then don’t we need to be engaged in community outside the church building?   

Here’s an article that address this issue directly, along with some helpful ideas on how to use your time wisely.  How do you strike a balance? 



Leading When Your Not in Charge

During our first 3WLN event I remember this very question coming up in our group discussion. I’m thankful for this podcast resource being recommended by a leader in Egypt and forwarded on by one of our 3W teammates. Have any of you made strides in this area or found a creative solution in this area? 

Check out the link below for the resource: 



Worship Preparation for the Christmas Season


Again we find ourselves in the idea generating mode as we present this article. Perhaps one of these ideas might create a memorable moment for life change while pointing to Jesus. We’d love to hear what you’ve got planned for the Christmas season!

Peace with you. 


Trends in Youth Ministry 2017


Many times I post articles/ resources on this blog, not becuase I fully agree with the article, but because I believe they can help us think creatively or process our environment.  Today’s article is no different. I hope you’ll look at these trends and ask: Could this trend be life giving to the people in our ministry? Could this idea help awaken people to the presence of Jesus in their lives?  

We’d love to know how you process!  



Having a Plan for Caring for your Community


Pastoral Care can be a never ending drain on your energy, time, and resources. While it is a vital part of truly caring for your people, it’s important to have a plan and clear boundaries heading into your work. This article is helpful for creating such plans and boundaries while being realistic about our own limitations. 

How do you go about this vital minsitry in your community? 


Leading Your Worship Leaders


Being on the same page musically is one thing. Being together spiritually as worship leaders is another thing altogether that can dramatically influence the worship environment that your church is sharing. This article shares one leader’s practice for having planned times together with your worship leading team to grow spiritually together. 


Do Not Fear

Today’s resource is a bit different than usual. Today’s word comes from a friend and supporter of the work in our region. This is a link to a sermon by Paul Strozier at Madison Park Church in Anderson, IN. It’s actually a sermon that he gave 4 months ago from this posting. I think the whole sermon is practical and inspiring, but specifically I’d like to draw your attention to the story that is shared at the 19:40 mark in the sermon. 


This story has had quite the impact all around the world through the many shares it’s received on social media. I wanted to share it with you today for two reasons:

1) Hopefully it is an encouragement and reminder for you today to “Be Still and Know that God is God” 

2) Perhaps this will be a catalyst to stir your creativity on how to best share the stories of your people. Many times we look for examples and illustrations about how God is moving far and wide, when we would do better to look in our own people. Does your setting allow for your people to share their own stories of cultivated faith?