Do Not Fear

Today’s resource is a bit different than usual. Today’s word comes from a friend and supporter of the work in our region. This is a link to a sermon by Paul Strozier at Madison Park Church in Anderson, IN. It’s actually a sermon that he gave 4 months ago from this posting. I think the whole sermon is practical and inspiring, but specifically I’d like to draw your attention to the story that is shared at the 19:40 mark in the sermon. 

This story has had quite the impact all around the world through the many shares it’s received on social media. I wanted to share it with you today for two reasons:

1) Hopefully it is an encouragement and reminder for you today to “Be Still and Know that God is God” 

2) Perhaps this will be a catalyst to stir your creativity on how to best share the stories of your people. Many times we look for examples and illustrations about how God is moving far and wide, when we would do better to look in our own people. Does your setting allow for your people to share their own stories of cultivated faith? 

Agree to Disagree


For anyone who teaches in the church setting, it must be common thought and practice to wonder how many people listening agree with what’s being said. Is it the job of the people listening to just believe everything without thought or reason? Contemplating this idea is important for church leaders as we carry out our service. This article gives some great reasons why a little disagreement might be a good thing every once in a while. 

Youth Minsitry and the Christmas Season


Here we are in the middle of November. Stores already have Christmas items for sale and every day I see more and more decorations being put up.  Also just around the corner are special events, parties, breaks from school, and many other things associated with holiday seasons.  Here’s a short video from a seasoned youth worker with some advice on how to approach the Christmas season. 


Good Reminders When Teaching


You’ve probably taught hundreds of times, but these 10 reminders are great ways to make sure the point of your lessons are having the best chance to connect. Hope you find these helpful and fun! Are there other methods you’ve tried? 

Collaborative Visuals


It doesn’t have to be elaborate, but visuals can have a dynamic impact on how your community processes the theme or scriptures of the season. What would it look like if we were able to invite the participation of many of our members in such symbols?  Would the result be engagement, ownership, creativity, or something else?  

Here’s the story of one congregation: 

Your Church’s Culture


Recently I heard a great podcast about asking our family the question “What is the atmosphere in our home?” Then the leader gave the challenge to listen and interact with every person who calls our house their home. The leader then went a step further to challenge everyone to ask “What do we want the atmosphere to be?” Powerful questions that don’t always get the answers in return that we might be expecting.

Today I ran into this article about Church culture that expresses some of the same sentiment. From the article, “A bad culture (atmosphere) will consistently undermine an amazing mission, vision, and strategy.” This article is worth a read to help you be intentional about your own church’s culture. 

Pastoral Care to the Business People in our Congregations


Many business people have had developed a distaste for the church as they perceive that church leaders are just after their money or leadership ability. It’s true that many pastors find business people to be intimidating and don’t ultimately know how to relate.  The article attached gives some good ideas on how to show pastoral care to the business people in our fellowships. 

Connecting with First Time Visitors

Just for the record... I Do Not necessarily recommend having guests wear an identifying tag  

Just for the record... I Do Not necessarily recommend having guests wear an identifying tag  

How does your church or group interact or not interact with first time visitors? It can be quite intimidating on both sides (for the visitor and the community member). Hopefully it’s not all left up to the leader or pastor. Here are some practical ideas for connecting with visitors to your church. 

An Idea for Personal or Group Bible and Art Time


Perhaps you’ve heard of it, but it seems as though I’ve seen it more and more. For those of you looking for a new way to dive into Scripture or express with a small group how a specific passage has impacted you, maybe you should try Bible Art Journaling.  It seems a great outlet for those who are artistically inclined and a new lens through which to approach scripture for those of us who are not as inclined in the arts.   

Here’s an example of some Bible Art Journaling from a German group. 


Comprehensive Article on Self Care


This article is a fairly comprehensive look at self care for those in ministry.  So often there’s a misconception that self care is selfish, but really it’s essential for longevity and health.  There is a wealth of resources here which will hopefully help frame a healthy balance.