Back Home Safe: Oberammergau, Germany Photos

Wow!  We are back home in Berlin!  And the city has changed.  It is back to its ultra-green, beautiful old self.  The trees are full and we live in a forest again.  It's 70 degrees with a light wind. What a nice sight.  And I hate sunshine and blue skies--but even I gotta admit--this is lovely. Well, this was an incredible trip.  I'm not sure I remember a trip where everything was so consistently gorgeous from start to finish (since New Zealand which is Heaven on Earth but unfortunately as far away as heaven from Earth).  I will try and start posting photos regularly to catch you up.  We had internet for very limited amounts of time on this trip and usually needed it for work related issues, so, there's lots of emails to respond to, and of course, diary entries to write.

We'll start with yesterday (Oberammergau) and then go back to the beginning of the trip with the Church of God in Arco, Italy.  It was great meeting these churches for the first time, and it was great having a little vacation there at the end, even though Jamie hurt her foot.  She's feeling better, but still limping around and sore.  Thanks for your concern.

It was also very wonderful to have some concentrated family time.  With our busy, hectic schedules, it was nice to have the 3 of us together for 15 days.  I can tell that Marco really thrived on this time together.  We all shared our 3 favorite things about the trip today on the final drive back.  We all had different things, but I know the best part was being together.  Cue the cheezy 80's music.  Rick Astley's "Together Forever" perhaps?  Maybe 70's would be better.  "We Are Family" by Sister Sledge?  That song was written by Nile Edwards of Chic fame, by the way.  A little 70's/80's trivia for you from the 80's master.