Church of God (Arco, Italy)

The Church of God in Arco, Italy is brand new.  Very few people know of it's existence, but we are planning to change that.  The pastor is N. Lovaglio.  He and his wife Bertha had been living in Venezuela (where she is from) for many years and working with the Church of God there.  Pastor Lovaglio is originally from Southern Italy and after many years in Venezuela, they moved back to Italy.  They spent a few years in Rome attending the Church of God in Ostia, Rome (which you will read about later). But recently, they moved to an Italian city not far from Venice, Italy.  A fellow Evangelical hurch in the Dolomites (that's a mountain region on the cusp of the Italian Alps) had a property that was not needed or used, but which could be used for starting a church.  So the Lovaglio's agreed to take over the facility and start a Church of God.  Thus the Church of God in Arco was born a year ago.  It is a small facility, but very nice and newish--and located on the main road that runs through Arco.  They currently have about 10 people, which, in Europe, is good for a new church.  Real good.  The Lovaglio's speak Spanish, Italian, and Bertha speaks English.  I spoke in Spanish during the Sunday service.  There are Italians, and a few South Americans.

Arco is a small town located by the shores of Lago di Garda not far from Verona, Italy.  Lago di Garda is a tourist magnate as the beautiful blue lake is surrounded by mountains that go straight up 2,000 or 3,000 feet.  This is the kind of place that George Clooney buys property (like Lake Cuomo).  Aside from the mountains, people can sail, hike, ride bikes in this area of lakes, crystal blue rivers, and heavenly vistas.  It is absolutely gorgeous.  The church building is on a main road of Arco.  As we approached the town, we went through windy roads and had one of those breathtaking moments as Lago di Garda opened up before us.  Lord of the Rings kind of territory.  My lousy pictures don't do it justice.

We encouraged the church people and assured them that there will be many people that know about them now and are praying for them as they get started.  I plan to regularly write and call them when in Berlin, and we will make regular visits to them as we do to our other fields (boy do we have the gorgeous fields or what?).  Would you like to help?