Cinque Terre, Italy

On the way to Rome, we stopped on the Northeast Coast of Italy (the Italian Riviera), so that I could show Marco and Jamie Cinque Terre.  Cinque Terre are 5 little towns built on ocean cliffs.  They are old traditional villages connected by a path that hugs the coastline.  You can walk from village to village along the cliffs.  The cliffs drop a few hundred feet straight down and the hills and mountains are a couple of thousand feet high in the area.  We visited Manarola (the best one in my opinion) and Corniglia.  Manarola is an example of a town set near the bottom of the cliffs (touching the ocean) and Corniglia is an example of one of the five on the top of the cliff.  It is mind-blowingly gorgeous here.   Once again, enjoy my ultra-terrible photos of gorgeous places.