Time to Laugh: Shame (as exemplified by dogs)

Well, that seemed like a short break from the diary.   And the reality of my Father being gone has hit hard in the past few days.  So it's probably a good time to have one of our "Time to Laugh" segments.  As I reflected on the years 2000-2013, I have felt like being in ministry has often made life too serious, robbed me of some joy, and has made me less light-hearted.  So I started the "Time to Laugh" segment at the Diary.  A time to step away from all the seriousness and just have a good laugh. 

So in today's episode:  The look of shame.  Shame is never a good feeling, but we all feel it at some point or another.  But no one wears there shame on their sleeve quite like dogs.  When they are guilty, their eyes just fill with remorse and even their whole body looks shamed and ready for castigation.  Luckily, there's usually grace from their owners who love them very much.   Dogs truly are man's best friend.  (Trivia fact: They have the ability to emotionally connect at the level of a 2 year old).