ANNOUNCEMENT: Kihms Move to Hungary for 3W

We are very excited to announce that Dan, Christy, and Sofie Kihm will be moving to Hungary to be more strategically-based for their role as Europe X Coordinators. Europe X is a new church-planting network that was launched in by the Three Worlds team in April 2018. It is for churches in Europe that are committed to creating a church-planting DNA in a post-Christendom context. The Kihms will be tracking with pastors, churches, and their church plants. They will also work alongside the Hungary Church of God, where we have three pastors all in their 30s and two churches plus a new outside-the-box church-plant.

Budapest has become a strategic location for our Three Worlds work. The Church of God in Hungary regularly opens their facilities to events for the whole region. The Budapest Lectures were established here to create a place of connection for pastors, and we recently launched Europe X there as well. It is an inexpensive city that centrally located and is only a one- to two-hour flight on a low-cost carrier to all of our Europe X and church-plant locations. The Kihms will continue to be the main 3W contact people for Holland where they served for 5 years! They will also continue their work with the Agape Faith United Church in Bulgaria, and the two young churches in Northern Italy. Along with the appointment of Nathan and Stacy Tatman (3W-Associate Regional Coordinators), the Three Worlds team is positioning itself for a large emphasis on church-planting with the next generation of leaders.

They will relocate to Budapest in the summer of 2019 as our Europe X duties expand and their change in location will be recognized at the Church of God Convention in Orlando. Please lift up the family as they look to find a home and Sofie settles into a new school.